Glycol Ethers in Europe are classified according to Regulation EC No. 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP). As laid out in the regulation, glycol ethers have been assessed against pre-defined criteria using all of the available data, including the results of research work carried out by the producers of these substances.

Please find below the information for EGBE (2-butoxyethanol):

For more information on the classification history please download our overview paper:

Classification history of EGBE

Following the inclusion of EGBE on ATP 18 a FAQ document was developed as well as an additional document explaining why there should be no impact on transport classification.

This factsheet explains why the EU classification should not impact transport classification.

This FAQ sheet provides detailed answers and facts to customers of EGBE (CAS 111-76-2) on the EU classification of EGBE as Acute Toxicity Category 3 and related restriction on uses.