Glycol Ethers are a product working group of the Oxygenated Solvent Producers Association (OSPA) which brings together producers of oxygenated solvents in Western Europe.


OSPA, the Oxygenated Solvents Producers Association, is a sector group of Cefic (= the European Council of the Chemical Industry), which brings together more than 20 multinational and small-/medium-sized producers of oxygenated solvents from almost all parts of Europe.

OSPA’s overall objective is to promote that oxygenated solvents are broadly perceived as valuable, sustainable, safe solutions which serve the needs of industry and society.


The principal objectives of OSPA are:

  • To foster the perception of oxygenated solvents as valuable, eco-efficient, safe solutions which serve the needs of industry and solvents users including manufacturers and consumers of goods.
  • To participate actively in the advocacy of the solvent industry with respect to legislation proposals aimed at restricting the use of solvents.

See the Glycol Ethers charter.