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Cefic Chemicals Trends Report (December 2012)
December 19 -- EU chemicals sector year-to-date output drops 2.2 per cent through October
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Cefic Chemicals Trends Report - October 2012
8 October 2012 -- EU Chemicals sector year-to-date ouput drops 2.4 per cent through July
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Cefic Chemicals Trend Report August 2012
August 9, 2012 -- EU chemicals sector output drops by 2.1 per cent through the first five months of 2012.
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Late pre-registration of substances to be registered in 2013 closing soon
ECHA 25 May 2012 - All substances with phase-in status that are produced or imported into the EU in quantities above 100 tonnes per year must be registered on 31 May 2013 the latest.
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Cefic Chemicals Trends Report June 2012
5 June 2012 - Second quarter 2012 output growth falls 2% but production improves from 4th quarter 2011.
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What are Glycol Ethers ?
Glycol ethers form a varied family of more than 30 solvents. All these glycol ethers have different properties - and are therefore fit for different uses.
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Glycol Ethers in everyday life
A glycol ether is a liquid substance derived from organic chemistry. Properties, such as being soluble in water, mean that it is used as a solvent in a variety of domestic and industrial applications.
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Glycol Ethers Charter
A recollection of the commitments and actions OSPA members are undertaking in order to avoid the risks linked to glycol ethers classified toxic for reproduction.
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