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Glycol Ethers Research and in-depth studies

Glycol ethers are among the most extensively studied and best known chemical substances. They have been used widely for nearly fifty years, enabling to gather considerable information through experience of use. In addition, in-depth studies have been carried out on them in order to best control the risks from their use. Glycol ether manufacturers are always ready to provide the public authorities with any information at their disposal.

In the late 1990s, the French authorities commissioned INSERM (the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research) to draw up a joint experts’ report collating all existing studies. The report – entitled ” Ethers de glycol : quels risques pour la santé ? ” – was published in October 1999. The results of this report form a basis of the ongoing discussion between the industry and public authorities for the improvement of users’ safety.

Two other joint experts’ reports have condensed the results of several hundreds of individual studies on glycol ethers:

  • Patty’s Toxicology, 5th edition, volume 7, chapters 86 and 87 (+/- 300 pages).
    “Ethers of Ethylene Glycol and Derivatives” and “Ethers of Propylene Glycol and Derivatives”.
    Publishers John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2001.
  • “Toxicology of Glycol Ethers and its relevance to Man”. ECETOC (European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals), 4th edition, volume I. The European Oxygenated Solvent Producers Association (OSPA) contributed towards the financing of a European data review published in this report.
  • “Toxicology of Glycol Ethers and its relevance to Man” ECETOC, 4th edition, volume II